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We have served clients in all areas of health care. Our staff can make available a listing of both current and past clients that Athena Group and its consultants have had the opportunity to work with. If you would like referrals or want more information on the clients we have served, please contact us.

"Mark provides market intelligence and strategic counsel for seven of our hospitals which helps our negotiating team achieve rate adjustments with payers that not only match our budgeted expectations, but in some cases exceed our expectations."
Rick Igram, SVP Contracting
St. Joseph Health System

"We hired Mark with only six weeks to meet a state and federal deadline. With his contacts and market knowledge he was able to secure contracts timely, with favorable rates and he helped us meet the deadline in just four weeks. This is something that would have taken us months to accomplish without him and cost us a significant loss of revenue."
Bart Asner, MD, CEO
Monarch HealthCare and Monarch Health Plan

"With Mark's knowledge of the managed care market we renewed a major healthplan at a significant increase to existing rates. By simplifying the structure of the contract, he also saved us untold administrative time and money."
Dan Brothman, CEO, Western Medical Center, Santa Ana
Sr. Vice President, IHHI

"Mark Marten has been instrumental in helping us achieve greater than historical annual increases. What is most helpful is his specific knowledge of what rates and terms are possible, based on his work with other networks. Working with him is a savings for us too because we don't have to hire a full-time person to handle negotiations."
Karri Rodgers, Chief Executive Officer
Western Medical Management/Arta Health

"In the short time that Mark has been coordinating our Hospital and Physician's Managed Care contract negotiations, we have seen improvements in our percentage increases and faster throughput. He has made excellent recommendations enhancing our negotiating position and we have seen a more professional approach to contract negotiations for the entire organization."
Larry Lewis, Chief Financial Officer
Kingman Regional Medical Center