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You Need the Right Team to Succeed

Your IPA or health care facility provides better patient care when it operates efficiently. Athena Group will help if you need managed care staffing assistance. We connect you with qualified professionals that ensure you deliver the best-managed care possible.

Staff Augmentation

Convenient Staff Augmentation & Temporary Executives

There will come times when your providers need staff augmentation solutions, which might include interim executives or other temporary staff. You can count on our experienced team to provide the human resources you need, ensuring you always operate at full capacity.

Interim Executives

When you experience turnover or are recruiting for a position, count on us to help. Positions for health care providers can take months to fill and longer to get the candidate up to speed.

Meanwhile, our extensive contacts and market intelligence can help your health plan, hospital, or IPA get the support it needs while looking for and training a permanent staff member. Negotiation of more favorable managed health care agreements is also available.

Flexible Options

We can work on-site or remotely and even provide interim staff members. Our flexibility allows us to assist you in all areas of the managed care negotiation process, including:

• Strategic Planning
• Business Development

• Health Plan Contract Assessment
• Health Plan & IPA Contract Negotiations

• Contract Evaluation
• Analysis & Implementation